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I see my role as assisting my clients in developing and executing their life plans and goals. This can include many things ranging from mental health and wellness goals, to personal and occupational plans and goals. I use a combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Solutions Focused Brief Therapy to challenge negative thinking and to get my clients feeling better, faster! I strive to help my clients identify the things standing in the way of living their fullest lives, whether those be jobs, relationships, poor habits, you name it! Once we have identified those  obstacles together, I assist my clients in developing a plan for working through each of those issues. It is my goal to help my clients dismantle false beliefs about themselves, their limitations,  and realize their full potential. I help my clients  create manageable, realistic goals and give them the tools needed to accomplish them. I expect my clients to be active participants in their journey to mental health and wellness. I believe the plans we make in my office should be taken and applied in everyday life. Weekly therapy sessions serve as a checkpoint to see how things are progressing and to pinpoint what areas we can work on next. I believe that therapy can help you live your fullest, most empowered life, and I am honored to assist you on that journey!

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Britton Elliott, M. Ed., LPC

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